7 thoughts on “Another way to restore music from iPod”

  1. New Version – http://www.sturm.net.nz/

    Version 1.8.1
    :: SharePod uses a Nullsoft Winamp MP3 dll to read MP3 files. This means more accurate tags when adding music to the iPod
    :: Enhanced Media Player, thanks to Jay McMunn!

    Version 1.8
    :: Can now add/remove music on the iPod!
    :: iTunes integration
    :: Windows 98/Me support, thanks to Michal Hobot!
    :: Now reads Star Rating
    :: Built-in Media Player
    :: Descriptive Tool-tips on every toolbar and button
    :: Pre-made templates for the extracted filename format
    :: Various minor bug fixes

    ALSO, EphPod lets you recover music. (http://www.ephpod.com/)


  2. my hard drive crashed. my music still exists on my ipod, but not my pc. apple will not/cannot help me. any suggestions on how to restore my purchased music to my new hard drive? Thanks.


  3. recently my ipod was auto updated to my itunes library. i’ve never had my settings set to auto update my ipod to library and i don’t knwo why it did all of a sudden. my ipod was full(18.5GB) of music that i no longer had in my itunes library. is there any way to restore the music back to my ipod that was deleted? i’m fuming at the loss of my music . let me know if you know how to. thanks


  4. Man, you can just enable ‘show hidden files’ in the file explorer, then browse the iPod folders and you will find your music.

    The only issue is that the music filenames are wack — but with a bit of sifting, you can find what you need.


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