Getting into torrents

Since I’m “playing” in this basketball league, I’ve been missing Alias for the past couple weeks. Luckily, btefnet (BitTorrent EFNet?) looks like an awesome site to get these past shows (right up to the latest episodes) using BitTorrent. I don’t care if it’ll take a couple hours, but I definitely should’ve started them last night. I’m using Azureus as my BitTorrent client. (Golf clap: Forever Geek)

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8 thoughts on “Getting into torrents”

  1. Just a reminder…many people consider downloading shows piracy, as you are taking the content of the show without taking the advertising that goes along with it. Once you get into downloading DVD rips, you’re on even more dangerous ground, as these episodes might include exclusive extended footage, etc… Not giving my opinion on whether this belief is right or wrong, just mentioning that it could be considered illegal by many, and therefore not a good topic for such a public forum. :/


  2. Right, thanks for pointing that out. I’ll keep these last two episodes on my HD for a couple days before removing them. For the record, I’d rather not have to wait to download the show, and I wouldn’t mind sitting through and watching it right when it’s on.

    I can’t imagine that it’d be too wrong, since it looks like quite a few people have been using the site for awhile. The DVD rips are a completely different story.


  3. The site is awesome.

    Anyways – My personal view (not to say it is correct or incorrect)…

    These are perfectly legal, at least up until TiVo becomes illegal.

    Sure you have to remove the ads with that too… But would people try to tell me if I remove the ads (which is pretty easy) and it’s okay for me to watch the show, but it’s not okay for the rest of my family since they would never see the ads?



  4. Just a quick question – do you like Azureus? I used it (before new version), and it kept freezing up my PC. So… I’m currently using BitComet. Works much better for me (then again, maybe the new version is better).



  5. Okay, if nobody’s gonna be shy about their opinions on whether or not downloading tv shows is ok or not…I’ll chip in too. I’ll admit I download shows I miss (if I haven’t already caught them with my MythTV box) and watch them commercial free. It’s nice because of the extreme convenience and good quality rips people are putting out. However, I’m able to open my eyes to the grand scheme of things, and if everyone takes this approach, we will have serious problems getting quality programming. If everyone skips the ads, advertisers will stop paying for time…meaning networks/shows don’t get any money. If that’s how we’re going to go about things, we either have to prepare for lots of obnoxious product placement in our programming, or be prepared to have individual subscriptions to every show you want to watch. Remember folks, these shows don’t come out of thin air…the money’s gotta come from somewhere.


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