HandyShopper goodness

I think I’ve been using HandyShopper for the past week, and I’m very stoked with how it’s helping me.

At work

Right now, I’m in the process of setting up a decent number of computers. We got some new computers for the staff, and we’ll use their previous systems for incoming volunteers this summer. On all the systems, there’s certain things that need to be done. Install certain programs, change a few settings, etc. I can’t remember them all. To make things more complicated, I’m working on 2 systems at a time. When I’m jumping back and forth between systems, how do I know what’s been done?

Enter HandyShopper.

The setup

I made a database specifically for work. Then, stores are going to be used for computers (e.g. Computer 1, Computer 2). Lastly, I enter the tasks needed to be done on each computer. That list gets exported to the built-in MemoPad, in which I can import into another store/computer.

Using notes for each item, I can enter more details for that specific task. If I’m installing Windows or Office, I can have the product key ready. If I’m adding printers, I have their IP addresses and location ready to type in. Totally awesome!

Utilize MemoPad

Once I exported my list from work, I saw how the new memo was designed. Why? So I can just type a new checklist by using MemoPad first, then importing that into HandyShopper. You don’t have Graffiti your whole list, and you don’t need to buy a keyboard if you don’t want to. You could do all this from Palm Desktop.

A few notes:

  • Don’t use a dash “-” at the beginning of a new line anywhere in the memo, unless it’s a new item. That’s HandyShopper’s cue that that’s a new item.
  • Use the pipe symbol “|” to start a new note.

Other uses

I’m trying to think of other ways I can use this program. For now, I have the one I described above.

I just typed out a list of the boys on my team, so when we have a practice or game, I can check off their name for attendance. After the activity, I jot down who was absent.

When I work (volunteer) in the office, I have a checklist of “chores” that need to be done. Putting faxes in people’s boxes, ringing up payments, etc.

Did I say HandyShopper is free? No? Well, it is. 🙂

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Bryan Villarin

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