Audiobook followup

As an update to this, it turns out that the article requires you to use an AppleScript for iTunes to make the imported audio CDs bookmarkable. I’m not on a Mac. I found this gem, though:

For bookmarks audio book try ripping to AAC and rename the file extension to .m4b.

I tried it, and it seems to resume the audiobook where it left off. Phew! I hope “A Painted House” is a good book…

Oh yeah, for the record:

A final note for the benefit of RIAA lawyers, and those looking to avoid same: We use this process to copy borrowed audio books from CD to our iPod, so we can listen to books we’ve checked out from the public library. That’s a fair use of the copying capability that is built into iTunes. When we’ve listened to the book, we delete it. Keeping the book, or file swapping it, would be illegal. We don’t do that.

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3 thoughts on “Audiobook followup”

  1. Yes, sorry about that. I took all the screen captures and did all the writing on my Mac.

    Except for that one step, though, everything is done exactly the same on a PC. When using iTunes under Windows, you just have to manually change the filename extensions from “.m4a” to “.m4b”, instead of using the AppleScript.

    The good news for PC users is that there’s a shareware application that does a lot of this stuff automatically. See the MarkAble Guide at iPod Lounge for details.

    I should note that my wife uses iTunes on a PC, and tried MarkAble, to no avail. She decided doing the work manually in iTunes was just as easy, and more reliable.


  2. *sigh*

    I feel stupid because I missed your comment that actually stated that – and there isn’t even that many comments to begin with! Nevertheless, I would’ve saved some time by reading that. My bad! At least I didn’t email you. 🙂

    It’s not a hassle to rename a file. I just browse to the file, rename the extension, and try to get the info for the file. It prompts me to browse to the file because it got changed, and it’s all done.

    Thanks again for writing that, Alderete!


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