4 thoughts on “Cheap Gas”

  1. Thanks Matt for an informative website. I visited it just a few minutes ago and wish you well with it. I will stop by and post in your message board when I have more time. Good luck !


  2. I am so sorry it took me THIS long to get back here to thank you Linda. I have just been so busy with gassos.com along with 2 other websites I am in charge of that are really keeping me busy. They have to do with natural health which I am passionate about. I hope you can forgive me for the late response dear! 🙂

    Anyway, I am glad you enjoy the website, I know I love saving money on gas and am sure you and everyone else does! Please do stop back at our site, that goes for everyone. Take care Linda and keep saving money on fuel.

    Matt Harwig


  3. What a bloody stunning website mate! I know I do all I can to save me vehicle from using alot of petrol. Will stop by again to post, this lad is rather tired, its 3am!


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