Dump everything Google?

I’ve been reading Podz’s distaste with Google. I think it started with Blogger, because someone copied his website exactly. Content, layout, pics – everything. Google didn’t do anything for him, because they stated that they can’t do anything about it.

I don’t know if he had a problem with Gmail, but since he kept it at 5MB most of the time, he switched back to using his email account through his site.

Should I break as many ties with Google as I can? It’s not like A9, Yahoo, or MSN Search are lame – for the most part, Google has been really good with their search algorithms. However, is there a deeper motive?

If I do decide to cut as many ties to Google as I can, what do I do about my email accounts? Everything is forwarded to Gmail at the moment.

Here’s some Podz rants and links:

…and that’s not all. You should definitely search his site for Google and see what he has to say. I think he has good points for the most part. Please note there might be some swearing over there.

P.S. I typed this right before midnight last night on my PDA, and just copy and pasted it here this morning. Cut me some slack for any confusion I might’ve written. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Dump everything Google?”

  1. Perhaps he should ban the google bot from his website with a robots.txt file :rollseyes:

    But that’s not going to happen. Google is too good to him.


  2. Personally, I’m torn between two sides on this issue. Podz is right about everything he has said about Google. GoogleImages will steal your images and artwork whether you’ve filed a copyright or not, and they do some shady things behind the scenes, but I believe that Google’s search engine is still the best out there, and it still returns very useful results when compared to MSN and A9. In the end, I don’t mind Google crawling my site, and I prefer searching with Google, but I am using robots.txt to keep the Googlebot out of my images, music, and movies.

    My experiences with MSN Search


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