I’m trying ml_ipod, not totally dumping iTunes yet. All is still intact. Other than dynamic smart playlists, if I can’t get it to work “smoothly”, I’ll switch back to iTunes.

What’s wrong with iTunes? Just a bit more bloated than I’d like, and creating smart playlists aren’t as robust as J. River Media Center. If ml_ipod smart playlist creation is closely similar to MC, with boolean operators, I’m more likely to switch it up – especially since Winamp/ml_pod is free!

Any ml_ipod users out there that switched from iTunes?

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4 thoughts on “ml_ipod”

  1. Not in the mood of using EphPod? (Are their any specific reasons why you’re not going with EphPod, or do you just not want to install any new programs, and since you use Winamp to listen to music, you got the plugin?)


  2. I’ve always liked Winamp. I actually installed it just for this plugin. Before this, I’ve been using iTunes for quite sometime. I haven’t looked at EphPod in awhile, so it won’t hurt to check that out. But for now, I suppose I’m deep into testing ml_ipod further.


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  4. i’ve been using it for about half-year now…i don’t have any iTunes-bought tracks, so maybe it’s easier, but there is that iTunes DB import function in there as well to help transfer your library over.

    i love it, as:
    1) i don’t need to run iTunes anymore, which is a resource hog, even if you haven’t launched it (e.g., all these background processes)
    2) it syncs faster
    3) WinAmp has plugins so i can customize the pc-side of playback all i want

    yeah, live smart playlists are my only gripe. they don’t work that well. the only way they work fine is if you keep the Search Params very simple. Use the Simple Editor and you can create some simple queries, like “Genre is” or “Rating is above or equal” or “Playcount is”.

    i’m happy with it though. I also haven’t yet upgraded to WinAmp 5.2 (i have 5.1.x) , which has iPod support built-in. I don’t think it has all the functionality that ml_ipod has, so it’ll take a few more versions before I switch over.


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