Nice memorial day

What’d you do this morning? I watched part of the Memorial Day tribute at Arlington this morning. My mom wanted to get some breakfast, so we went out.

Where’d you go? Denny’s. We haven’t eaten out like that together in awhile, and it was a nice time together. Thanks mom!

So that covers most of the morning…anything else? Yeah, we had band practice today. Hudson couldn’t show up, though – he already planned to go to the beach with a bunch of his friends. It was a good session, and we’re in the process of learning our fourth song. However, we only really have two because I haven’t made a melody for the other songs.

Who’s singing? I am. No way. Way. It’s tough because it’s hard to play and sing at the same time. Couple that with differing beats at certain times, and I’m just a struggling “guitarist”. I’m sure it’ll just take practice, though.

What happened after band practice? I met up at the mall with Javy, Art, and Renzo. Sbarro for a late lunch, and we walked around for a bit. Art wanted to go to Champs, and we ended up buying “Buy one, get one free” shorts (one for me and one for Art). I still need new shoes, so we checked out Vans. But, the one shoe I wanted wasn’t available in my size. So yes, I’m still wearing some crusty shoes.

What’d you do in the evening? J.R. had a BBQ at his house around 6pm. His dad cooked some carne asada, and there was also rice, potato salad, beans, corn, tortillas, chips, and soda. We hung out, played pool (billiards), and blew up some dry ice “bombs”. As people trickled out, and we finished up by watching the rest of “Paycheck“. Not too shabby.

So, what now? I’ll finish typing this up and hit the sack. I’ve got a big day at work tomorrow, and I need to get there by 8am. So I pretty much need to be on the commute by 7am. *sigh*

Did you like the self-interview type post? I won’t do it again if you think it’s annoying.

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