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(Edit: Too many questions I can’t answer. Stop asking me.) If you have your phone number set to block caller ID all the time (like *67), what’s the code to unblock it on a call-by-call basis? I wanted to ask my friend if they can press that code for me. Thanks.

Answer: If outgoing calls from your phone number display a blocked/restricted caller ID, and you want the other person to see your phone number, dial *82, then their phone number.

Thanks Dan! It only took me six years to update this post. Eek. (2011-09-16)

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13 thoughts on “Unblock number?”

  1. You know… You can refuse to accept such calls.

    When someone tries to call with a restricted number it says “This phone does not accept restricted calls. Please try your call again by press *82 and then the number. This is recording 8792”.


  2. How to unblock a number from your house phone? So that when the person calls you, they can get thruogh.


  3. @Ashley: No, when someone calls from a “restricted” phone number, they just dial *82 before the number so it’ll show up in the caller ID window. I told my friend to do that when calling me, because I don’t want to answer a restricted phone number, and it works just fine.


  4. My friend blocked another friend while he was pranke-calling her. I want to know how i can unblock her number so that when i call her it wont cmoe up as “private number.” How can i do that?


  5. ok my friends step mom blocked one of my friends so they couldn’t call their house how can my friend unblock her number?


  6. someone called me it said “private number” how can i not let those calls through. I want calls that always have a number on my caller id


  7. mj: If it’s a cell phone, they can’t do that. If it’s a phone company, you need to call them and request that feature.


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