Desktop Ruler

Desktop Ruler was mentioned today by Steve Bass. The snipped URL didn’t work, so I hope the direct link to the website is the correct one. I just realized what you could use it for. If you have a wide screen, and the text travels the length of it, it’s hard to keep track which line you’re supposed to be on. So, that’s where the ruler comes in. I get it!

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One thought on “Desktop Ruler”

  1. Look what I have run into on a Photoshop-related newsgroup:

    “HaVeL” wrote in message:
    I’ve found and extremely useful tool for pixel-precise aligning and
    checking at
    Is there anybody else using it in combination with photoshop?

    Woooow, this is GOOD… But not in Photoshop! 🙂
    I find it very useful in programming, to align visual objects on forms. Or in Excel, to simplify row tracking. However, Photoshop already has everything it needs, really. I’ve actually bought this ruler yesterday, but for $15 (precisely: $14.95)… After some googling and digging at RegNow, I have discovered that they had a promotional discount that can still be reached. The trick is simple: you click the register button on ruler’s site, that takes you to RegNow to do the transaction. Now, in the URL change 12884-1 to 12884-3 (leave everything else as it was) and you get the same product 25% cheaper! 🙂

    Obviously, they cannot track who has received the promotional link, so they just send you your activation without any questions. Amateurs! :))) But other than that, ruler works just fine.


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