Pictionary fun

I know it’s already Wednesday, but I’m going to talk about Saturday evening. I won’t talk about the morning and afternoon, because it was our boys’ awards breakfast and concession in the afternoon. But the evening brought about some excitement. Sort of.

One of the girls in our group is house sitting for someone, and lets us come over to their house. It’s nice. Some of us were watching a movie, while others were in the den either discussing fantasy baseball or chatting in general.

The greyhound (the family dog) got outside, so she was running everywhere. I guess the car that was driving terribly fast down the street scared her, and she ran back inside.

The party split up with 5-6 people wanted to watch Batman Begins. Well, we all did – but not an 11:30pm showing! Those people left, a couple went home (because they had a long day), and six of us stayed back.

I would’ve been tore up for church the following morning either way, but I’m glad I stayed back. We played Pictionary was good, clean fun. We got to laugh at each other when we’d try to explain the methodology behind our drawings. I would explain it, but it wouldn’t do justice – you just have to be there. It would’ve been cool to take some pictures of some side-splitting drawings, but I didn’t think that far.

Off-topic: After that, Andy thought he heard something outside. A tap maybe. It was past midnight, so we kinda got freaked out. We searched the house, then killed the lights to check outside. Nothing. It sure scared Courtney, because she was staying at the house by herself that night. (She ended up callling Tawny, though.)

For the record, seeing how Batman Begins has a 8.5 rating at the time of this writing, I better see it!

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