Tech support businesses on the rise

Going back a couple days into Slashdot posts, I saw “Tech support businesses on the rise.” Reading through some of the replies makes me wonder if certain things I’m doing are right and wrong, in terms of this so-called side business of mine.

Am I charging enough? Am I making it worth my while? Should I be doing it?

Do you have any thoughts about Geek Squad and others? If I’ve helped you, how do my strengths help you look for me when you’re in need? I’m just thinking out loud, and looking for feedback of some sort. Ooh, I should at least make a services page here, huh?

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3 thoughts on “Tech support businesses on the rise”

  1. Generally, if you’re fixing the computers, charging “good” prices that you customers comment on, and still making enough to support a small family, then you’re doing well. If not, something has to change. You’ll be surprised at what an extra $5/hour will do, but don’t you dare try it if your customers already feel as if you charge too much.


  2. I can’t say how much I’m making on it, only because that work is erratic at best. It’s definitely not my steady job.

    My last two troubleshooting issues are spyware-related, which multiple attempts of spyware/virus cleaning led to fresh installs of Windows. The first took me a bit longer to delliver, so I only charged an hour’s worth for the extra wait.

    I’m going to wrap the second one up either today or tomorrow. I was fed with dinner when I was trying to clean the spyware (with no success), so I explained that a fresh install would need to be done for best results. I’ll probably charge an hour with that one, too, because most of it was clicking a few times to get the online AV scanners running then twiddling my thumbs. I’ll be doing more work with the clean install, updates, etc.

    I’ll be blunt: for these kinds of services, I’m charging $25/hour. I’m sure I should probably charge more, but I’m not getting pricing complaints (probably because it’s low).


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