4 thoughts on “Which Flickr account?”

  1. Flickr Pro is really designed for people who do take pictures too often. So, if you really don’t take pictures too often, then stick with Flickr Basic. I’m pretty much in the same boat and I haven’t even used my Flickr basic account to its full potential. Of course, I do break into some scenic photography runs, but I prefer to host those myself.


  2. I know that anything I store on my server won’t have as breathtaking a UI as Flickr. I think that if I had an account, I’d be more inclined to take pictures, at special…anythings!


  3. I’ve been in a lull of taking pictures, but Flickr is awesome. It’s so easy to upload and it looks great right away. No need to come up with a flashy theme/template for a photo system and everything is backed up in full size as well as other sizes.


  4. I should just totally go for it because it’s only $24.95/year (or $2.08/month) for basically the limitless space and awesome usability, plus it should be around for a long time. I’ll most likely jump for it when I get some cash next week.


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