2 thoughts on “Reading GTD”

  1. Have you finished the book? How is it treating you? I might have to pick something like this up. Over the past few years I’ve gotten lazy. I used to get so much done, but don’t know where all of my motivation went. Maybe I need a GTD system.


  2. Well, it’s only been five days into it. However, I’m pretty committed – I actually bought the materials he suggested! (Well, except the file cabinet. I still have to deal with hanging file folders because that’s what my desk has. Hopefully Freecycle or Craigslist has something small for cheap/free.)

    I will say that I felt very accomplished yesterday. At work when I was doing my “projects”, I wasn’t thinking about everything except the task at hand. Why? Because I’ll get to the other stuff when I process my inbox. I was able to focus much better. Despite five hours of sleep, I wasn’t dragging.

    You should get it. If you can wait, get it used from somewhere. $10.20 at Amazon + shipping? Borders has it for $15+tax. Or you can borrow it from a library (if they have it). I’d purchase it so you can refer to it from time to time.

    Don’t worry, I’ll post about my GTD journey… 🙂


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