GTD Weekend

I used most of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to collecting stuff into my inbox in my quest to be more efficient using the GTD system. Monday was the day I started to process a lot of it. I took four trips to the dumpster (because my trash can is only 7 gallons).

For the most part, I think I’m making great headroom. I think my file drawer needs purging, because that hasn’t been done in at least a year, like the book recommends. However, I’m going to stay the course and keep going through my inbox. I don’t have too much further to go.

Ooh, I should use lists: O.F. Jay-style!

  • I made some folders for projects. It’s definitely weird because they might only require two small steps, and yet I’d still call them a “project”.
  • I’m liking the labeler, but now I have a bunch of avery labels I’m not sure I’ll use. (You know, the ones that you print in mass-production on sheets?)
  • Also, I’m reading how David Allen uses his Palm organizer into his system. I’ve converted the task categories like he’s done (my old system stunk), but I’m not sure how to categorize the calendar. I’m sure I’ll figure out something.
  • I have a lot of miscellaneous supplies and nowhere to store them. What to do?

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