Independance Day antics

What’d I do yesterday?

  • Processed a lot of my inbox
  • Ate BBQ chicken for lunch at Jordan’s – it was delicious!
  • Watched “Armageddon
  • Ate hot dogs and BBQ ribs (thanks Coco!)
  • Played Pictionary ’til dark
  • Lit various small fireworks
  • Bill created some small “bombs” by removing the powder from a few (4) Piccolo Pete Fountains, wrapping the powder in a small plastic sandwich bag, taping it shut, insert the fuse protruding from the top, and sticking the fuse through a small hole made in the cap of a water bottle
  • After what seemed like two hours of setting of fireworks and being pyros, we went to Denny’s

I think I got home around 1:30 or 2-o’clock in the morning. Yikes. At least I wasn’t too tore up for work this morning.

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3 thoughts on “Independance Day antics”

  1. *sigh* The scary thing reading that comment was that you didn’t put any asterisks in it. Oh boy. Hope you’re having fun in Europe…


  2. Hey don’t want to give my name. And I am glad you had a good time with what you did. Just to let you know the consequences of something similar my son did. He took one half of a piccolo pete content put it into a sandwich baggie with the corners cut, placed it into a 16 0z plastic water bottle poked a hole in the cap for the fuse and screwed the cap on. To make these piccolo pete mini explosive things. He answered an add on Craigs list. Looking for good left over fireworks from the 4th of July. Giving my son a 18th Birthday Party and this was a STING operation set up by the Police Dept. The add looked innocent enough I think I might have answered it. He was somewhat talked into making these by the sting operators and is now facing TWO FELONY counts for possesion and sales of altered safe and sane fireworks they are claiming they are dangerous bombs. So just be careful with what you do it could screw up the rest of your life. Hopefully our attorney can help him. He spent 9days in County Jail before we got the attorney who moved up the court date and got the bailed reduced from one million to one hundred thousand. And is still waiting for a plea bargin on his two Felony counts. This is really bad. Since 911 they don’t mess around. I just hope he can get a second chance at life. He is a good kid, and just made a mistake. So please be carefull out there!!!
    A concerned Mom


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