London bombing

On the way to work this morning, there was some police around Los Angeles Union Station and in the Metro Red Line. I saw a K9 unit, too. “What’s going on?” I checked into some blogs this morning and found out that there was a bombing in London. Crud!

My prayers are with those who were affected directly. If you’re okay, and there’s “journalists” asking you how you feel about the situation…I hope you just walk away or something. Cuz I agree: Duh! Whaddya think?

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3 thoughts on “London bombing”

  1. I guess I should have blogged about this yesterday as planned…

    Although my blog was going to go something along the lines of I’m glad NYC didn’t win the bid, and how now London would become a target (although a much smaller one)…

    I didn’t even think about the G 8 though.

    PS Terrorists – Scotland isn’t London


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  3. Guess those Muslim kids were too young to remember “The Goon Show”. Never accept a big, long, red cigar with a wick on the end from a shifty-looking gent in dark glasses, wearing a raincoat with the collar turned up. Still, at least you can get a seat on the train now.
    Come on Brits, what’s it going to take to wake you up? No Jews showed up for work on Thursday? Surely you’re not as gullible and wallowing in misery as Americans. Doesn’t anyone else small a rat?
    Politically incorrect (PIC)? You bet I am.


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