If Wink is a good screen recorder, I’m sure people would want to make use of it. My mind is racing now. At work, it’d be something like “Hey Bryan, How do I…oh, cool!” I can’t believe it’s free! I’ll try it out someday, but I’m hoping anyone that’s reading this will do it. (Golf clap: Kevin)

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Bryan Villarin

Bryan works at Automattic. He's also a cat whisperer. Sometimes…a photographer, and card magician.

5 thoughts on “Wink”

  1. dude i have no clue what on earth i would use this for except to show people how to do stoopid stuff with their computers.thanks alot bryan i will probably waste another two hours watching myself type this over and over again…your such a great guy


  2. The only reason why WINK is good is because it’s free. The best screen recorder to date is Camtasia Studio. Screen recorders are useful for demonstrating how to use applications to a broad online audience.


  3. Right, if this is for one or two screen demos, Wink should be okay. A commercial product would be best if you’re doing these on a regular basis (at least to justify the cost).


  4. Wink is a good screen recorder. Hard to believe it’s free! I produced my first software tutorial for a feature in my freeware program, the Miditzer virtual theatre organ, in under an hour. It’s getting good reviews from my users. I’ve never used Camtasia or any of the commercial offerings so I don’t know how much more they could do. Wink does everything I need to get the job done. Sometimes the simpler tool is better, especially when it is free. But make no mistake, this is very well written software. It could be commercial software if the author so chose.


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