Help me with iTunes?

Update: Chatting with James for a bit, he suggested I copy the iTunes database files and whatever from the actual folder itself, rather than doing a file export. The reason? Because it’s not as good, I might lose some play counts and stuff. So what’s the point of the option in the first place? Oh well – thanks James! I’ll be doing that clean install soon enough. 🙂

If you can help me out with the following, I’d love it! I really want to get my computer cleaned out. 🙂

My computer is in need of a clean install. […] I don’t want to lose the ratings, smart playlists, play counts, last played timestamps, etc.

Since I’m not moving my music anywhere (my music is on another hard drive), I’m guessing the process is:

  1. Export the library from within iTunes (File > Export Library) then,
  2. Import the library file (File > Import) after the Windows clean install

Am I missing any steps? Or am I completely off?


Rant: By the way, if you’ll look at the iPodlounge forum post (that nobody has replied to), it’s been flagged for having posted into the wrong forum. Why? Because there’s so many categories, I’m not sure where to post it. I use iTunes, it should be classified as software, and it’s running Windows, so why did I post in the wrong place? Good grief, man!

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One thought on “Help me with iTunes?”

  1. The best way to do this would be to actually located the “itunes” folder that has your library and music in it (I don’t know where it is on a PC), save it to an external hard drive, and then copy it back over once you’re done with your clean install. This will preserve your music, iTunes Music Store settings, ratings, playlists, smart playlists, play counts, last played timestamps, etc.


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