Tip for a long meeting

I got to work this morning to find that the summer clerks setup breakfast for everyone and we were going to have a staff meeting. (I don’t have a work email address, but that’s another story.) Anyway, there was plenty of good food – too bad I had some breakfast before my commute. Why’d you eat if there was gonna be a breakfast already? Because I didn’t know…didn’t I just say that a second ago? C’mon!

It ended up going for more than an hour. Wow. I know everyone does a great job now, but some of the people just went on. Then again, I’m not too annoyed; it’s a good thing to hear what our company does. I can hear how much of an impact our people have on the community, so it’s pretty inspiring.

To make a short post long, by the time I realized it’d be a full-fledged staff meeting, I was sitting in a not-so-optimal spot. I couldn’t get up and go to the door, because I was somewhat in the middle of the two huge tables. Note to self: next time, sit on the outside edge of a table, closest to a door – if I can.

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Bryan Villarin

Bryan is a Trust & Safety Wrangler at Automattic. He's also a photographer, card magician, and cat whisperer. (Thanks to my friend and colleague Steve Blythe for the sweet photo!)

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