Use Flickr!

The last time I talked about Flickr was about two weeks ago. Due to a conversation I just had with a friend, I’ll write about it again.

James Ume. posted pictures from Japan onto his MSN Space. Sunday night, I viewed it in Firefox, and basically had to look through all his pictures. There wasn’t a way to pick and choose from thumbnails. I saw them all anyways (and he took a lot of pictures).

Today, he told me to view them in Internet Explorer. Apparently, Firefox isn’t supported. In IE, was able to see thumbnails at the bottom, and could pick and choose pictures.

Why do I like Flickr? Because it just works. It’s currently the best thing I’ve used. Free MSN Spaces offers 30MB/month, and free Flickr offers 20MB/month; but if it’s the best tool to use anyway, wouldn’t you use it?

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Bryan works at Automattic. Cat whisperer. Sometimes, a photographer and card magician.

One thought on “Use Flickr!”

  1. Well, some firefox works with MSN and some didn’t and unfortunately Bryan was one of them because Bill R.’s firefox was able to scroll through all the pictures… Well, I put my pics to Flickr, so check them out. Took me a long time, but it’s really organized.


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