Streamlining my backpack, Part 2

I forgot to mention that one of the reasons why I wrote “Streamlining my backpack“: it was because of this: What should NOT be in my bag? Also, it was because I had to bring my laptop last week. 😆 I will get a laptop sleeve so if that ever happens again, I’ll still only have to carry one bag instead of two.

I also missed his link to Zen Pockets, so I’ve downloaded that to my TE for reading during my commute this afternoon. It looks very well written (skimming the first few paragraphs).

As an update to cutting down, I’m better than last week. I got some cables for my PDA for work, so I keep my other one at home. I still have to bring my iPod firewire cable and power block, and I should get a small zippered plastic bag to keep the cord from getting crazy in there. I’m also just keeping the IR keyboard in my car, unless I feel I’m going to type something on the train (I haven’t felt compelled to yet). I did take the notebook, but only because the backpack felt too empty without it. I won’t do that tomorrow.

At least when I get back to school, my bag won’t be filled to its limits. I’ll take a whatsinyourbag photo later.

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