Ducti Triplett

In my “whatsinyourbag” photo, I proudly display my Ducti Triplett wallet. I never posted about it when I first got it. For reference, I got mine a tad cheaper through One Cell Short. It’s currently $14.99 + shipping. Their lifetime warranty is a nice kicker, which influenced my Ducti purchase.

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Bryan Villarin

Bryan works at Automattic. He's also a cat whisperer. Sometimes…a photographer, and card magician.

7 thoughts on “Ducti Triplett”

  1. I remember seeing these things before it was actually cool… One of the guys I knew at school made this sort of stuff… Much cheaper too…

    I have to say it did (and still does) kind of freak me out though.


  2. I make duct tape purses, and book covers, and pencil pouches, and wallets from day one. My hobby is tape, any kind of tape scotch tape, cammo tape, or just plain duct tape.


  3. Ducti looses the artistic quality in making things from duct tape. Its all silver, flat, and boring. I, as well, make things out of duct tape, and make a good bit of money off it, but, i make it hot pink and lime green and purple. You cant get a purple woven duct tape wallet from Ducti. And its made by machine, so that eliminates talent. Why get a print when you can have an original masterpiece?


  4. @Sierra: You’re probably biased against Ducti, since you make things out of duct tape for money. (Not that your products are bad, but I haven’t seen them, so I’m just saying how much I like Ducti’s wallets since they’re what I’ve bought.)

    If I could see your website of your duct tape items, that might change. 😉

    Where does it say on the Ducti website that the wallets are made by machine?


  5. The new wallets(not the originals) are sewn up the sides, hence machine. There is also limited evidence of human error; no one is that good.


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