Finch concert aftermath

Finch sounded just as awesome as their new CD. They played quite most of their new songs, a handful of their older ones, and a cover song I can’t remember the name of.

Randy went through three guitars because they kept cutting out on him. I think the problem finally got traced to the cable from his pedals. Still, it was funny because he’d throw down his guitar when it wouldn’t work. He seemed possessed, but it was awesome. Bill commented that as long as you have good drums and bass to keep the song going, it helps a lot in case something like that happens. I think I agree.

Both guitars sounded awesome. Alex and Randy really went complex this album, and it paid off. Marc (the new drummer) compliments everyone well, and I especially love how he improved on the older songs. I wish they could rerecord them with him on drums. No, I’m not saying that the old drummer stunk. And lastly, Nate impressed me (and Bill and Doc) with his screaming. We all thought it was impossible to scream at song lengths, but he did it with authority. I was in utter disbelief.

As for the other bands, Rx Bandits were pretty cool. Steve Choi wails on his guitar. He was incredulous. (I don’t remember the first band, sorry.)

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