Nural concert

I haven’t really listened to Nural until Saturday night. If you’re not local to the La Cresenta, California area, don’t feel stupid that you haven’t heard of them. I don’t feel stupid. Good! In any case, this is my review of their concert, plus some other things that happened along the way.

Deciding to go

Saturday night, after band practice (our drummer and bassist returned), I made a last-minute call to go to the Nural concert in Hollywood. It was a weird situation because I had to go to Tower Records in Glendale to buy the presale ticket, then go to the Troubadour.

Getting the tickets

At Tower Records, they could only give us one ticket, so I got one. Bill needed one, too. They were being chumps about it, but there was nothing we could do. We called our friends that were already there and said they should have some at the box office. Sketchy, but we went with it. But when we got there, it turned out they weren’t selling any. They were also really rude about it. (I’d like to put myself in their shoes. I think they were just irritated – I’m sure there were lots of other people trying to do the same with us.)

We waited outside until Nural was going to play. It was five minutes before they were going to take stage, and we were losing hope. Doc and I were going to just sell our tickets and take off, so we wouldn’t leave Bill out. I don’t know how, but all of a sudden, this group of girls turned to us and offered us an extra ticket if we needed it. I guess their friend didn’t show up. So, Bill paid them and we went in. Miracle? Maybe! We were really close to walking, that’s for sure. I’m just amazed thinking about it. Would God really work that out, where something (like a concert) was so trivial?

Nural concert review

That night was basically the first time I ever really listened to Nural. I heard “Tension” off their Myspace website, but that was basically it. I liked how it sounded, and wanted to see if they had more than that.

They did. I liked every aspect of their show. As Bill said, they have a really awesome stage presence. He’d elbow me at one of many guitar riffs, and motioned to take notes. Similarly with Kyle’s awesome vocals, Bill would do the same to Doc. The guys were multi-talented, too. Aaron (drummer) and Ryan (guitar) could play piano, and Charley (guitar) could play drums, too. That was pretty cool.

They played 15 songs – every song they had – and I think it was overall very awesome. Apparently they’ve been together for five years, but they just got signed to Hopeless Records and just released their album that night. We got a free album with the ticket (or we paid for the album and got a free concert), so that was definitely a cool way to get their music out. They’re already going places, and I think there’s nowhere else to go but up.

Too bad I didn’t take any pictures – we were really close to the stage, and it would’ve been cool if I took some. It’s too bad I forgot to bring my camera in.

Would I see them again? Oh yeah. [Visit]

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One thought on “Nural concert”

  1. Hi… I am Ryan’s (Davis) dad and I thought your review was right on. I am obviously biased, but putting that aside, as somewhat of a hobby musician myself, I also agree, they are Very talented, straight shooters, and I also think they have nowhere to go but up.

    Thanks for your kind words, I will make sure Ryan gets to see this, he will be pleased. They have worked Very hard, paid a lot of dues, and I do hope it will payoff for them, in some amount of success, even if I was not Ryan’s dad… (O:


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