Summer winds down

Other than checking email, I’ve basically been off the computer for the past few days. I’ve been working all summer, and now that my boss at work is back from his vacation, I’m sort of on my own vacation. I didn’t go anywhere, but I’m just relaxing at home (and with friends). Once everything gets back in full swing, I won’t have too much free time to myself.

I won’t do this often, but this will be a post with more than one topic. Sorry!

I did do some computer jobs for some people that know me. Actually, one was a referral from my neighbor and I was able to help them out. I love helping when I can because there’s still a lot of people that don’t know much about computers, and it seems like I can explain it decently at a level they could understand. It was only a few hours out of my vacation, a little here and there, then I was back relaxing again.

Two friends came back from their summer overseas, and it was good to hang out with them over the weekend. Elephant Bar would’ve been a nice place to eat on Saturday, but it was just too packed! An hour wait, and we were so hungry – we settled for Red Robin.

Marshburn Phantom Scream (our band) is pretty cool. On Sunday, we had our usual practice. I convinced Bill to run Audacity on his laptop with one of our inexpensive Nady mics plugged into it. We now have four songs cheaply recorded, but the quality won’t do to pass those MP3s around here. The vocals really sound bad, though, so we’ll do instrumental next time and have Doc record in a small room or something. It helps inspire me see our progress, and I can listen to it more often so I can better get it stuck in my head. If you’ve ever heard Finch’s latest CD “Say Hello To Sunshine”, I think it’s similar to it. Caliber might not be there like them, but we’re only amateurs; we don’t have the same level of expertise. But with what we do know, I think we’re doing pretty awesome. We talked to two guys in the neighborhood (that are also in bands) that say we sound pretty good, and hopefully we can play somewhere soon. Who knows?

After practice, we usually go to Cabreras (in Arcadia – look ’em up) for grub. I think we’re regulars. Then after that, we messed around back at Bill’s house. If you wanna have some fun, download Audacity, record yourself talking or making weird noises, then reverse the audio. Immensely stupid fun! We were at it for an hour, I think.

Yesterday, PCC started up again. I got dismissed from Citrus, but for kind of a dumb reason, and since PCC doesn’t look at my status there, I’m not going to sit out a semester at Citrus and wait. It was packed, and I had to wait like an hour to get my parking pass. (Oh, I hate getting photo IDs – I can’t see the picture after they take it!) I’m not taking more than two classes either, so I should get some good grades since I’ll be focusing on less. So what if I take longer in school? Should I be in a rush to get into the 9-to-5? Okay, gimme 2-3 more years. Whoa, how long have I been in? I’ll just say 3 whole years, if you don’t add up the times I got dismissed, dropped classes, etc.

This week is my last for just school and vacation/work until the coaching (volunteering at Kare Youth League) gets back into gear. Then my whole week will be booked, except for Sunday where I leave the afternoon open for Marshburn Phantom Scream.

Lastly, I’m determined to be completely GTD-ready before Saturday comes, because I’ll be gone for the weekend. (I love my tickler file.)

I hope you liked the randomness! 🙂

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