4 thoughts on “Good Sync”

  1. hi,
    not if you only want the free version which as they have confirmed to me is just a cynical ploy to get you to buy a full version. after a certain amount of use the free one stops working for 30 days!


  2. Good program. Needs better instructions for advanced tasks. ie Several computers, each configured to sync certain files and not sync certain files. This gets tricky and a slight knowledge of DOS helped me.
    Quite difficult to interpert if the correct files synced, and difficult to analyze if you have correctly set up the sync program. Also, if you like it and plan to use it, you will have to buy the pro version (for each computer synced)

    All in all, it did what it said it would, cheaply and to my satisfaction. 3 out 0f 5 stars.


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