iPod battery replaced

After iPod 3G battery replacement

I bought a replacement iPod battery for about $30 (plus shipping), and just replaced my battery. I was extremely scared to take my precious apart, but it all worked out. Then, the moment came after I snapped everything back closed to see if it’d turn on again. I plugged it in, and the Apple logo came up. Phew!

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10 thoughts on “iPod battery replaced”

  1. @Josh: I was dreading it, but at the same time keeping my eye on the end result. I’m definitely glad I was able to save about $30. 🙂

    @Chris: The iPod Nano doesn’t look too bad. If you could save up $200, I’d say it’s worth it. If you get one. *crosses fingers*


  2. It’s not the cash… I could go all out right now and still have a bit to spare. But now that I’m living with the girlfriend, everything is “our” money. =)


  3. I haven’t heard of them, nor have I seen that site mentioned at iLounge. If it’s not there, I can’t help but be kind of skeptical (especially if iLounge is the authority for iPods and iTunes). It doesn’t look too shady, fortunately.


  4. I recently used IPOD Juice and there is no need to be skeptical. I opted for them to change my battery out for me. I am very attached to my IPOD…..just wanted to let you know…


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