Easier multi-system maintenence

Back in January, I posted “Defrag automatically in minutes“. I should try to make it easier on myself to maintain systems here at work, too. (I think we have over 50.)

I was thinking that I could setup the batch file on each system and have it run once a month at a specific day in the week (e.g. First Thursday of the month). But, what if the person forgets to leave their computer on?

So, I might go another route. I’ll create a one-page template that states something along these lines:

Your system will run hard drive maintenance (defragmenting) at 1am. When you leave from work, do not turn off your system. You can remove this tomorrow. Thanks!

I could do this once a month, or every other month, perhaps going through a floor of computers in a day and finishing off the rest the next day. The batch file would stay on the computer, and I’d setup the scheduled task to run it that day (then delete itself afterwards).

Thoughts? Good idea, bad idea? Personal experience(s)?

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