Random stuff

I’d hate to revert to personal stuff blogging right now, but that’s all I can really do right now. I haven’t been keeping up with geeky-type stuff.

  • I think I’m going to use my ATM/debit card less and just withdraw money instead. It’s been harder for me to keep track of my checking account balance. MyCheckbook is great and all, but it’s been tough to reconcile every other day.
  • GTD-esque – Write things down all the time. If you don’t already, carry a few index cards with you held together with a binder clip. You never know when something will come to your head, or somebody will say something that strikes you immensely. A book was mentioned today, and I think I’ll buy it my next trip to Borders.
  • Don’t buy too much stuff. If you’re a parent and your home is tight on space, please do your child (or children) a favor by trying to be as minimal as possible. For me, I’m helpless when my mom loses something and is thrashing around through the apartment. Along those lines, I think I read in a book something along the lines of putting a sticker on everything you touch in a month, then sifting through the things that don’t have a sticker on them to consider purging.
  • If you carry a bag of some type around with you, consider a bottle of water as essential. At the Friday-night high school football game (it’s past midnight), playing in the pep band was tiring and I didn’t have a drink on hand. I’ll probably buy a case of water bottles in the morning.
  • I need a new business card. Logo, design, whatever. I’m only doing computer-related jobs on the side, but I’m still getting quite a few people needing me again. Granted, some of them are current customers that need maintenence (no charge), but there’s a couple new ones that are brand new. It’s embarrassing that I didn’t have some on hand.
  • If you get an inkjet printer, make sure the print heads are disposable along with the ink cartridges. I have an Epson Stylus C84, and I’m paying the price. In short, the Cyan nozzle is all messed up. The head cleaning solution didn’t work, either.
  • You usually don’t realize how much awesome something is until you lose it. Personally, I’m talking about my iPod case, but I can mean other stuff. I’m definitely seeing how I miss some relationships with people, where they’re not the same as before.

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Bryan Villarin

Bryan works at Automattic. He's also a cat whisperer. Sometimes…a photographer, and card magician.

One thought on “Random stuff”

  1. You lost your iPod case, huh? Well, I lost my CIF Champs ring. Dead serious. It was right there on my desk one day and I just left it there for a few days/weeks (I wasn’t paying attention), and when I came to realize, it wasn’t there… Hopefully it’s somewhere around my desk still, and one day (really hoping), I’ll come across it.


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