Remember playback position in iTunes

I just found this function today in iTunes: Remember playback position. I tried this on my 3G iPod with MP3s, but it doesn’t work – only within iTunes. Boo. Do I need to get a new iPod to take advantage of this feature? Do I need to manually convert the audio files to AAC, then rename the extension to M4B? Garbage.

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6 thoughts on “Remember playback position in iTunes”

  1. Yes, you need the new iPod…just because it’s sooo awesome! I have noticed that I’ll be playing one podcast and pause it to turn it off. Then later I’ll listen to another and eventually go back to the first podcast. The iPod nano takes me right back to the part I paused at. Pretty slick!


  2. I don’t need the new iPod, but if my current one gets broke, I’ll save up for that iPod Nano, that’s for sure. I’m glad I can still make my audio file bookmarkable; it’ll just take a few more steps.

    I’m glad you’re loving yours! Nice comparison pictures, too. :


  3. Thanks Dennis, but again, I need the new iPod (Click Wheel). I have the one with the 4 buttons above the touch wheel. Thanks anyways.

    If you have any iPod that has a Click Wheel[…]


  4. How do you turn the option off? My new nano automatically does it, as does my itunes. I like to song-surf, so it’s driving me nuts!


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