Wipe iPod scratches with Brasso

Todd Dailey cleared his iPod Nano’s scratches with Brasso. Four bucks, too! I don’t know why you have to have a case with it, especially since they market it to be able to slip into your pocket. Adding a case makes it that much bigger. Anyhow, the before and after photos should inspire you to go out and buy some of this stuff. I think I’ll spend some time using Brasso on my 3G iPod. I still think they shouldn’t scratch that easy. (Golf clap: Robert Scoble)

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4 thoughts on “Wipe iPod scratches with Brasso”

  1. I tried this today on my 30 Gig Black Ipod with the Brasso and it took the scraches right. I heard of this months ago but I was kind of nervous to try it because it took me a while to save for my Ipod in the first place. But I tried it and it worked I didn’t even have to rub it along but make sure that you use a soft cloth and it didn’t cost me more than 3 dollars and some change thanks Brasso. Sway


  2. Brasso is a VERY BAD idea. I tried in on both an Ipod Photo and two PSPs. The problem is, Brasso contains petroleum distiliates, which not only make your gadgets smell real bad after you’ve applied and then cleaned them (and from what I can tell there is no way to get rid of this smell- they are permanently tainted), but you end up touching these petro chemicals and inhaling them every time you handle your gadget. They make your hands tingle or burn (for lack of a better word) the same way getting gas on your hands does.. it gets under your skin and no amount of washing with remove this feeling. I have tried cleaning the gadgets with liquid soap, and glass cleaner, to no avail… they continue to smell. Considering the high petroleum content of this chemical, I would not even recommend it for polishing metal, such as sinks or faucets, or anything that humans come into contact with.


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