Reduce Windows XP size

Where’s the article that simply explains how to reduce the size of Windows XP? I found a huge guide from Bold Fortune, but that’s not the article I saw. (Although it looks very comprehensive, and worth a read!) If you know what I’m talking about, I’d love to get the link. Thanks!

Update 2006-05-26: After more than seven months, Henry J. Fry comes in with the clutch link! (Here’s the guide: “Making your windows folder smaller“) You’re the man!

Update 2009-09-04: Thanks to Bold_Fortune for sending me an updated link. The old link…has taken a turn for the worse.

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32 thoughts on “Reduce Windows XP size”

  1. No, it was just an article, explaining quite a few folders and/or files you could delete. You could supposedly free 700 MB or something, and (stupid me), I didn’t check before and after. 😆


  2. No worries Bryan, Notice correct spelling this time 🙂 Soon as I posted I popped over to the link and seen the article on bold forums. Should have read it first…Good luck with the search.


  3. Bryan,

    You could delete approximately 500MB from the DLLCACHE folder.

    What this folder does, is if any of your System Files get replaced by unknown ones, Windows replaces it with the original, which is located in DLLCACHE. If you delete these files, it’ll just ask for the CD.

    To delete it properly, goto a Command Prompt, and type SFC /PURGECACHE

    Hope that helps.

    (another) Bryan


  4. Nope, that’s the one I saw but wasn’t looking for. That’s a very extensive guide, whereas the quick guide I saw was much easier to digest.

    By the way, good job on it. 😛


  5. That wasn’t it. It’s cool though, I think it hit most of the stuff I saw anyways. It’s been such awhile back, it doesn’t matter too much. Thanks for checking up again, that’s awesome. 🙂


  6. Theres software out there called nLite. It creates a new XP install CD from your original including any patches. You can also deselect a lot more of XP than you can with the standard microsoft setup and these changes are also reflected on the new CD so you dont need to go through as much of the setup options. Just stick the disk in and install.

    Hope this helps


  7. You know, I too was recently trying to relocate an article about slimming down Windows XP. It was very comprehensive, a little sarcastic, and seemed to be just what I needed.

    I thought I bookmarked it at work and I used Foxmarks to upload my bookmarks for use at home. I went home for the weekend. When i got home I couldn’t find it. So i began to search the internet. I have spent hours, for days, looking and can no longer find it. It’s not in my history or cache, as my system cleans those over the weekend. I am frustrated.

    It was written by someone that is a long time windows user. The guide covered everything from clearing your “Start up” folder, and moving your ‘My Downloads” folder, as well as regulating partitioning and paging files. I must have looked at hundreds of pages since then, to no avail. All the above mentioned ones are fine, but not the one i want.

    All I can tell you is that I had started by searching for guides on improving frame rates, graphic settings, and network setup. But I stumbled onto that guide and can’t seem to stumble back. =(

    Any help would be appreciated.


  8. @ShawnJ: Sorry man, I’m not sure I’d go further than the two mentioned in the main blog post. In my opinion, it’s probably be overkill.

    Any takers?


  9. @Bryan: Yeah, I found those links on my own during the search. Those guides are good. I just liked his presentation. He used nice graphics and screens, dabbled with veteran windows sarcasm, and made it simple enough even for novice users. He had some really nice tips and methods. Granted I wasn’t going to follow it to a ‘T’, but I was hoping to try some of those tips. I remember thinking, “oh, that sounds like what I want to do”. Guess not any more. *grumble*
    Thanks anyway.


  10. @W130SN: thanks, but I don’t think that’s it. I’m well aware of blackviper’s site and have used his help guides regularly. He covers many of the things I am looking to do, although that’s still not looking like the site I want.
    I remember there being a lot of blue text headers, and no black background. There were many pages and guides. He is an older fellow, and touted himself as a longtime windows user, a veteran of sorts.
    With my luck they’ve either updated the style, or have closed up shop. I should probably start my own thread, and spread it all around and see if anyone can find it. A mission impossible?
    I just really liked his was of presenting things; like he was talking to you in a normal conversation.


  11. ShawnJ , I probably have the site bookmarked , when I go through them I will try to find it for you.
    You might like to try these sites:
    If you still can’t find, it try STUMBLEUPON download the toolbar and sign up for the computing subjects and you should be able to stumble it.


  12. Hi Bryan,

    You mentioned the article you were searching for was easy to understand for us new to system tweaking. I also believe you said something about blue headings.

    I know Black Viper was mentioned; but, his site’s Left Sidebar menu let me change the background colour from black to white. When I did the headings all changed to blue letters on a white background.

    Having just ten numbered suggestions it has been the easiest article to understand I’ve found.



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