Looking for web-hosted news readers

I’m trying Gregarius on my own server right now, with most of my blogroll imported into it. However, it’s not intuitive enough where I’m going to like using it a lot. I stopped using RSS Bandit because I didn’t want to install anything onto my machines anymore just to read the latest posts. Just some notes about using this so far:

  • The “Doubleclick to Read” plugin is the one that I can’t figure out how to work. I’m double clicking a lot in the item I just finished reading, but no dice. Instead, I have to click three times; toggle the item properties, uncheck unread, click OK. Ew.
  • I’m logged in as admin, but if I log out…I’m still logged in?
  • If one of the feeds has more items that are unread that aren’t in view, and you click “Mark this feed as read”, it won’t apply to those items that aren’t in view.

I know it’s in its early stages, and with that note, it’s actually pretty nice. I hear that FeedLounge is good, so I’m hoping if I just fill in my name and email address, I’ll get an invite or something.

Update: I’m logged in at home, and double-clicking to mark as read works. I went to work today, logged in, and that functionality didn’t work. Both using Firefox 1.0.7. Argh.

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Bryan Villarin

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6 thoughts on “Looking for web-hosted news readers”

  1. The double click to read plugin will not work if you are logged out. Maybe the problem that you have been logged out and you didnt get the correct feedback. Are you using version 0.5.0? The latest version 0.5.2 has many bug fixes.

    I agree with the “Mark this feed as read” button. It should read “Mark these items as read”.

    Gregarius is still in the process of ironing out many kinks. Support is available at http://forums.gregarius.net
    We would love to have feedback on the forums or the dev mailing list.


  2. Whoa, it worked! I made sure I was logged in this time; maybe I wasn’t before. I definitely have the latest version as of today – 0.5.2. Are you one of the developers?


  3. I’ve been using FeedLounge, but it’s pretty slow at times. Did you see the new Google Reader? It’s in beta but looks pretty sweet. I might start using that as my primary.


  4. FeedLounge is pretty basic too. If bloglines.com worked at work I would have been using that, but since I was invited to test out FL, I’m giving it a try. I’m using both Google Reader and FeedLounge right now and I’m starting to think that I like Google better. All I want to do is know when sites are updated. I don’t need to save feeds or do anything snazzy. Google is providing this functionality with a neat looking interface that is working much faster than FL.


  5. I’d like to be able to flag items, at least, because I might want to blog about it later or reread it for better comprehension (especially longer items). I just might try GReader then. It wouldn’t hurt.


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