I got a new LG VX8100 cell phone last week. It’s very nice. Anyway, another friend of mine has the same one and was asking me about it. THE place online to get information and help with mobile phones is HowardForums. Go…look around. Great stuff, great people.

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5 thoughts on “HowardForums”

  1. My friend has that phone. It’s a pretty nice one. The screen size is smaller then the (cheaper) LX8000, but the 8100 is a much less boxy, and smaller phone.

    Nice phone.


  2. Thanks, I’m loving it. Memory card will be in tomorrow. I’ve used the “New Every Two” thing so I could get it for free after a $50 mail-in rebate. (Actually it’ll cost $25 because of tax.) It’s cool cuz I’m not going to switch providers, so I don’t care about the contract.

    Oh baby…


  3. I had a VX8100 and I loved it. You can take an MP3 ringtone and rename it to .MID and the phone will play it! Uploaded to the phone via Bluetooth or USB with BitPIM. Ahhh…
    Too bad it got stolen two weeks ago. What’s more, I didn’t have Verizon’s insurance thing on it. When the guy asked me if I wanted insurance, I almost said, “Well, it’s not like I’m going to lose it or anything!” Well, I lost it. Meh.


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