Maintenence for 75+ computers?

How do I clean and run maintenence on over 75 computers running Windows XP, that are also housing multiple accounts on each system? One by one? (You know, making sure they don’t have extraneous programs, cleaning temporary internet files and cookies, stuff like that.)

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4 thoughts on “Maintenence for 75+ computers?”

  1. Thanks Dan. Not all at once, but at least something that’ll ease the pain of manually logging into (at least 8) accounts on each computer. I might do without all the setting optimizations (for each user account) and just make sure that the temp files and stuff gets cleaned out. I guess log in, run CCleaner, log out, repeat.

    The last step is to defrag, which will be done automatically. I’m actually keeping the batch file hidden on the server, so I don’t have to copy and paste that file on each computer. (I have a feeling that’s not the best thing to do.)


  2. You can use the maintance feature in XP. If you are admin, you can setup a schedule maintane on each machine that will run automatically each day or one day a week. You can find schedule tasks under system tools.


  3. Thank Ron, but I can’t see how you schedule maintenance on each machine, on each account? I’m definitely an admin, and I can see Scheduled Tasks under Control Panel, but I don’t see anything pertaining to a built-in maintenance app.


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