2.0 Released

I’ve been using OpenOffice 1.1.5 since it’s been out, and I’m glad to see 2.0 is out.

Problem: People won’t adopt using it because they’ve been so used to Microsoft Office. I know, I’ve given it to people who don’t have MS Office, and they still wanted it anyway (read: they were going to go out and buy it). I do know that Publisher isn’t support in OpenOffice.

My take on the situation: If someone you know 1) needs an office suite, 2) won’t do anything outside Word or Excel, and 3) definitely doesn’t need publisher, then recommend them to OpenOffice. If they’re used to Microsoft’s office suite, let them know that they’d be saving over $100 on a small learning curve.

I’m definitely open for some ideas on how to help people be more open minded, especially if people are running anything older than Office 2000.

For additional reading, see the review “OpenOffice 2.0 Kicks MS Office Around the Block

(Golf clap: Slashdot)

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