5 thoughts on “ClearLooks for Windows XP”

  1. Hmm. Don’t want to try going Crystal instead? As for clearlooks… I think you need the patched uxtheme.dll. Look for the multipatcher on Neowin, or, if you want the blue icons from Crystal and have something else for your windows, you can install the shell pack and that actually patches your uxtheme.dll file. I have XP Silver with the Crystal blue icons.

    RE: your iTunes thing. Dood. iTunes? I’m like, yo. O_o. Too much of a resource hog. I just use XP folders and play with foobar 2000. Even on my machine iTunes eats up resources like… [bleep].


  2. I tried that before, and that’s a reason why I didn’t want to go that route. Besides, it’s not a drastic theme change – it’d just make everything look sharper or something. I hope.

    Thanks for the recommendation for the multipatcher! I’ll be trying that out right now. (Yeah, before heading out to class.) 😆

    For me, iTunes minimized takes less than 10MB of memory. It doesn’t go over 20MB when I’m moving around the library. I’m fine with it, and it makes it simple to update my iPod (which is the most important thing). If another products supports and iPod just as easy as iTunes, I’ll be way more likely to make the switch. For now, iTunes just works.


  3. Bah, nevermind. Minimized now (after the patch and reboot), it’s hit 40MB. I’m not running anything else intensive, so it’s still all good – for now. 🙂


  4. When my mom had a Shuffle I managed her stick of gum with Winamp5 and the ml_ipod plugin. Now that she has a SanDisk (which I’m getting soon too) I don’t even have WA installed anymore.


  5. I’ll let this all simmer – I’ve gotten used to iTunes. *shrug*

    Hope you write a review on that SanDisk you’re gonna get (or at least the one your mom has).


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