Newegg's lame shipping contract with UPS

I talked about Newegg over here, but I think it’s worth mentioning again. (Back? Good!)

Today, UPS attempted to deliver my package again. My complaint is that their InfoNotice slip stated that they would try again after 5:00pm today. When I got home, I checked online to find that they came at 3:46pm.

Having called UPS, I have to ask Newegg to call UPS to give me permission to pickup my package that I’ve already paid for. Shouldn’t I be able to change the delivery address to have them hold it for pickup? C’mon, what do I need to do to be heard? Hello?

Oh yeah, did I mention that I’m not going to go through UPS anymore? I find that terrible service. Tell me one thing, do another. Good grief.

Update 12/6/2005 11:30pm: I missed the final attempt to deliver. Called the 1-800 number, verified that I’d pick it up in the morning from the distribution center, and went on my way for the evening. I got home a couple hours ago only to find out that it’s been returned to sender. What? I’m ticked. I finally got through to a human, and he left a message (or something) at that distribution center about my package, and they should be calling in the morning before 10am. My package better not be going back to Newegg. It’s not like I’m refusing the package. I’ve called after every attempt.

Update 12/7/2005 8:36am: I called the 1-800, despite the promise last night that someone should call me before 10am. (They still have an hour and a half before I get enraged.) The website says the package is in transit, but it’s in Cerritos now – that’s why I called. But, the customer rep says it’s being returned to the shipper. So ridiculous! I found this ranting thread about UPS at Broadband forums, and I think I’ll be going with FedEx from now on. Good job, UPS. Terrible service. No, I’m not exaggerating – I’d say this is thoroughly documented, wouldn’t you? Anyways, I sent an email to Newegg last night…whoa, wait a minute – that was two days ago! I haven’t even got a reply yet! They definitely need a phone call now.

Update 12/7/2005 8:58am: I called Newegg and spoke to Mark. Basically, he suggested not to do it through UPS because of what happened, and to just use FedEx because they could leave it at my doorstep. I’d get credited for that order in 3-5 business days (argh), so I need to reorder again. Great. I’m upset at Newegg now because they didn’t reply to my email. For businesses in general, you need to get back to your customers in 24 hours, at least that you received the email and will be getting in touch soon.

So for now, I’m over this. Lesson: Don’t use UPS unless you’re a business, or if someone’s going to be home at all times.

Do you have any insight? Please leave a comment!

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16 thoughts on “Newegg's lame shipping contract with UPS”

  1. UPS leaves things on my doorstep all the time. Never had a problem with them. Fedex on the other hand requires a signature a lot of times and I’ve had to go to their local office to pick up some packages.


  2. I’m so mad at UPS I’m looking for (or thinking about starting) a blog dedicated to shipping nightmares. Maybe a little grassroots activism will make these gorillas think twice before abnegating their responsibilities. I had a large bronze 300 year old gong shipped from Burma via Malaysia to Washington DC. From there it was inspected, professionally repacked and given to UPS only to arrive with the metal cracked badly to the point that it cant be repaired and sounds like a tin can instead of a deep resonant vibration. The box looked like it was run over by a truck and dragged!! According to them it was my fault for entrusting them with something valuable! Follow that logic! I will never use them again.


  3. Bryan, UPS will leave stuff at the doorstep or even the back door as long as 1) there is a signature waiver in effect (which NE has by default) and 2) the driver has decided that it is a relatively trustowrthy location to leave a package at the doorstep. I doubt they’d leave something in, say, LA or even a outer Baltimore suburb.


  4. I’d like to give UPS the benefit of the doubt, but I didn’t get any help in the situation. Newegg didn’t help either, especially with an email reply after 3 days.


  5. Three out of my last six packages from Newegg, (via UPS), have been late, and the tracking site doesn’t indicate this until 12-24 hours after the fact. So I leave work early, ’cause the tracking says the delivery is on time, and, as a result, I lose money, only to find that UPS never shows up. I’d probably be better off driving to the warehouse!!! And it’s not as though I live in some obscure location: I live in a major metro area, just a few blocks from the state capitol building. Newegg: I love ‘ya, but you treat me so mean that I’m gonna have to zipzoomfly next time, ’cause they use FedEx.


  6. UPS is about 1000x’s better than FedEx about being flexible. I have even called UPS and asked if they could have the driver come back at the end of the route to redeliver and they always say they can’t promise but would send a message, and most of the time he comes back. I have many more issues with FedEx (both sending and receiving!) than UPS.

    I always leave a note on the door for UPS that states where the package should be left and that they should take my note with my signature as proof of my approval. I live in Chicago and it hasn’t been a problem (UPS and FedEx will never leave anything if it is up to the driver).


    1. I’ve had a bad experience with UPS My Choice. I used “UPS My Vacation” to ask for delayed delivery at the end of a vacation, and the request is noted in the tracking history correctly, but instead they returned the package to the sender. Apparently sometimes “UPS My Vacation” doesn’t do what it says on the tin. I’ve already made three phone calls, and the problem still isn’t fixed. They’re not very proactive about taking responsibility, even after admitting the mistake is theirs.

      UPS has also lost a package outright. It wasn’t small, either. It was a microwave. When I called UPS about this one, they said “I can’t talk to you further about this because it’s an Amazon package, and we’re not allowed to discuss it. We have to refer you to Amazon. But between you and me, just call Amazon. They’ll fix it.” And they did—Amazon shipped another microwave, immediately, separately. Apparently Amazon understands these carriers are so goofy they need to institutionalize a level of insulation. God help the sucker who has to move a package without using a Fixer. It feels like I’m trying to receive packages in some banana republic.

      Unfortunately it’s gotten so difficult to receive packages in the US—where I live, the post office is much worse, and fedex is a little worse—that I’ll probably continue to pay them their protection money for access to the “My Choice” web site where I can try to push my packages through making delivery changes without talking to an irresponsible monkey. It’s odd that I’m angry not that they’re trying to sell me a solution for the problem they created, but angry that the solution itself is broken.

      I don’t remember the country being run by such a bunch of irresponsible idiots when I was younger. I’m not sure what’s happened. Are starvation and homelessness not the good motivators for workers that they would appear to be? Is there a “broken windows” effect on the proles from seeing the decaying infrastructure and cheapskate cut-corners all around them, irresponsible decisions from the capitalist class setting a bad example? Are they angry about rising inequality? Are primary schools turning into chaotic zoos? Is it the influence of _Fight Club_, and these little assholes all think they’re heroes when they piss in my soup? Is it these damn blinken-phones and their stupid rock-throwing fruit-slashing games, all the damned tweeting and twitting rotting their minds away? Yeah, yeah, maybe I shouldn’t shout “get off my lawn” every time the UPS guy drives up, but seriously I’m embarrassed to share a country with these fools.


  7. Specific delivery problems have little to do with which service is actually handling your shipment … having worked for both UPS and Fedex, I can tell you that be it Fedex, UPS, DHL, or whatever … they’re all just about equal. All of the companies basically have to obey the shipper of their packages … not the receiver. Unfortunately, most people feel that since they’ve been charged “shipping and handling” charges by the merchant, THEY qualify as the shipper.

    It’s simply not so. The party that pays the shipping company is the shipper. Newegg truly has a messed up contract with UPS, in that they’ve got very strict guidelines about what sort of arrangements any addressee can make to get their package other than a straight up, in-person, signed-for delivery. Almost all of your anger belongs with Newegg, here.

    In the end, UPS can only do what Newegg will let them with your package, because they paid them. Whatever Newegg charged you for shipping is only to cover their own expenses.

    It never fails to amuse me how people, after literally receiving dozens of packages in the past from a certain service, happen to suffer one little bump in the road among a sea of efficient success, and let their frustration at the immediate situation convince them that everything about the service, their package being one of millions for that week, is complete trash.

    As you were chewing out the customer service representatives over this, and moaning over how horrible UPS was, there was someone exactly like you, in exactly the same situation, chewing out a Fedex representative about how nasty Fedex was. I can guarantee this, because I’ve taken calls for both.

    In fact, if I could tally up exactly how many people at Fedex told me they’d only ship with UPS from now on, and how many people at UPS told me they’d only go Fedex … I’m pretty sure they’d cancel each out perfectly.

    They all handle millions of packages a day, 99% make it where they’re going with little to no trouble. There’s no such thing as perfection, yet people always seem convinced when they suffer the unlucky likelihood of being among that day’s few mistakes that it’s a reflection on everything else.

    I’m sorry you had to suffer such hassle this time, but in the end, it’s going to happen to someone eventually … it happened to you this time. Short of being able to teleport packages directly into your home, perfection in all deliveries is not an attainable thing.


  8. Maybe Newegg should inform their customers before they buy that they will not be able to redirect their package nor request a signature waiver. It makes no sense for most people to have to take a vacation from work just to receive a package.


  9. I will no longer use NEWEGG unless i can ship with someone other then UPS.

    I as well have had nothing but troubles with UPS.
    I work for DHL – and understand how the whole “Shipping” thing works.

    I ran a service center, i worked in sales, and now i am a corporate employee for DHL. (i actually was a legacy Airbone employee)

    Anyways – I say all that because i know we (FEDEX, UPS, DHL, USPS) have our issues. We will always have issues – because the nature of the business.
    (types of delivery points resi vs business, people not home or at work, Wrong address on package, etc..)

    Once a problem occurs, its how you respond to the issue and handle the issue is the problem i have with UPS.
    I have been hung up on, told i should just “use another carrier”, and basically told “tough”.

    As somone else mentioned – i am not the so called “shipper” but i am still the CUSTOMER.
    Because of a poor service that i have received – it will cause NEWEGG a customer. THats a shame.

    I am not going to bore you guys with all the details and emails i have sent – but my only suggestion i can make is – refuse to use UPS.

    I hope – i have other shipping options. Maybe i already do – i am not sure all the shipping options the EGG offer.


  10. I feel all of you i have never recieved a package on time with ups. I ordered a package last week with next day delivery and no one in newegg or ups know where my package is. I love newegg but i refuse to use the website, not even fed ex until something is done about their shipping services


  11. FYI — According to UPS it is in their contract with NewEgg that UPS is not allowed to leave the package, or allow you to sign for it on the info-notice and have it delivered to a neighbor or the office in an apartment building / development complex. Literally you have to be home and sign for anything coming from newegg or they will not deliver to you… unless you avoid their ever so helpful “free” ups delivery and pay for fedex.


  12. I’m increasing of the opinion that Newegg does this because they’ve padded the Fedex charges. I ordered UPS, was told my address was invalid (which it isn’t – I even used their address verifier) and when I called back, was told to “just use fedex”. When I complained about it being $30 more (no kidding) to ship with fedex, they offered me a $20 voucher on the shipping. Something’s real screwed up there.


  13. You cant expect not to have something go wrong once in a while, at one point somethings bound to go amiss. I ordered something from UPS and it came two weeks late, but then another time they got it to me faster than it was expected. The bottom line is that you cant just get over exited because one time they make a mistake. On the other hand Newegg gives you extremely low prices, so just be happy with that.


  14. Sorry, but you may find Fedex to be just as terrible – my girlfriend went through this exact ordeal with Fedex 2 weeks ago. I’m currently going through it with Newegg/UPS.

    I’m not sure where the disconnect is… but it seems the drivers or the local delivery system just doesn’t care ~ delivers whenever they feel like it and when the allotted attempts are up they send it back. It’s infuriating.


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