I don't need a video iPod

My mom keeps asking me if I want a video iPod. She’s already given me so much, I hate asking her for a Christmas gift on top of that. Anyway, Lifehacker posted a Metafilter roundup today, one in particular linking to a thread of some good Palm apps and tricks. Wow, TCPMP looks awesome!

I installed it, copied the latest version of House (S02E09) to my bigger memory card, and tried to watch. It was encoded in Xvid – and it’s 350MB.

It was choppy at times, so I reduced the quality to the lowest setting and that improved it. I also changed the audio to Mono Join (I don’t mind). It was basically perfect, until I started jumping around the file. The video never got smooth again.

I looked closer at the TCPMP site, and saw a link to PocketDivXEncoder – ooh, it’ll shrink it down! That might help…

Nine minutes later…

I didn’t change any advanced settings. My Tungsten E didn’t show up as one of the options, so I just chose the PDA. (Hmm, despite the video being encoded successfully, the task window says it’s still at 99%. So, I end the program process. Doh.)

So in Preferences, I tinkered – A/V Sync offset was set to -190 msec, video was back to normal quality, and audio was also set to stereo. Success! I’m moving around the file, it resumes playback just fine.

Not sure what else to write for now, but I’m excited! The filesize is down to 68.6MB, so it’s going to be much easier to catchup on my TV shows, especially when I’m on the train. I think the smaller size will also make it less intensive on the battery and processor. The offset setting I have isn’t what you should have, it’s just what the video I was watching needed. You just have to tinker with it, that’s all.

Sorry if this looks sort of jumbled – I was up late, studying for a final, and this morning just stumbled across this.

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