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When I saw Rooze’s Desktop, I was pretty stoked about how much this could help in making sure I’m as productive as I can possibly be. I fired up Palm Desktop, took a screenshot, cropped the extraneous stuff, and set it as a wallpaper on my desktop as well. Sweet!

The only problem lies is the lack of Tasks displayed from Palm Desktop – they don’t show up on the monthly calendar. I could have tasks dated, but I wouldn’t know it unless I pulled out my PDA or opened Palm Desktop.

Putting folders for things to do on that day is good – text files would work as well. Jot a few quick notes down, save, and put into the day you want to review it. Since I’m into concerts, I could also put a link to the Ticketmaster page where I’d purchase the tickets into a few days before the event.

Oh yeah, it might be wise to install something that’ll restore your icons’ location if you change resolutions. Although I haven’t tried it yet, Icon Restore should do the trick. (Golf clap: Lifehacker)

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