Nebraska professor uses iPod for lectures

Psychology students and fans of Apple’s popular iPod can now listen and learn at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Calvin Garbin is one of the first instructors at the university to harness iPod’s versatility and use it as an educational tool. (Full story)

After reading this, I’m really excited that this professor gets it. Isn’t it worth the extra time to help the auditory learners? For me, I wouldn’t skip class, but instead use the recordings to listen to it again, in case I might’ve missed something.

Edit: I should elaborate. The “getting it” part is sort of against professors that don’t allow people to record their lectures. Personally, I think this hurts the majority of students who are trustworthy. It’s the 2% of dishonest students that mess it up for everyone else, and I don’t even know what that means! 🙂

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