RegisterFly sluggishness

I’m not sure I’m liking RegisterFly anymore. I switched to them because I heard good things a few years ago. But…

  • Their site was slow when I first was using them. You know what? It still is.
  • My renewal for this year didn’t seem to go through back on 2/14/06, and my trouble ticket submitted on 2/18/06 hasn’t gotten any response. Up until today, it’s been 13 days.
  • Since I haven’t gotten a reply thru the support ticket system, I resorted to call them. They don’t have an 800-number. I called them the first time, and was on hold for 8 minutes – before I was hung up on. I called again, and was on hold for 13 minutes. Finally, [Ross] answered.

Here’s a few ironic lines I heard when I was on hold:

  • “Customer service is our #1 priority.” Garbage.
  • “Your call is important to us. Please stay on the line.” Yeah, right.

Talking to Ross, he was struggling himself. “The system is responding really slow, can you hold on for a sec?” Sure, I’ve been holding for 21 minutes, what’s one more second? (Rolls eyes) Fortunately, everything was okay. The renewal did go through, but the system didn’t take it yet. He had to refresh my account or something. So, what I checked my account online on their slow website, my domain won’t expire until 2007-03-19. Phew.

Next year, I don’t think I want to put up with them. Sure, everything else has gone through smoothly. But if something goes wrong, I don’t want to wait two weeks, and even then I had to take the initiative! Any ideas on a domain registrar that has good customer service and a speedier website?

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8 thoughts on “RegisterFly sluggishness”

  1. GoDaddy GoDaddy GoDaddy – Don’t be put off by their lame Super Bowl commercial.

    Other then not seeming to be able to create a password that I can remember with them :rollseyes: I have not had a single problem with them.

    This is my second year with them (or maybe 3rd not quite sure) and I have my two primary domains registered through 2008 so I have a lot of faith in them…

    I actually have two other domains (for a total of 4) with them, but I’m going to let those two expire – Only because I have no use for them.


  2. Be careful about this company. Go to and read about it. Before doing business, always research for other consumer’s experience first.

    Many people have an extremely bad experience with this company as can be seen from all the postings all over the web. No one would like to spend so much time writing about their experience if he/she has not been unfairly treated. No one would be taking their stories into the open if they can get prompt help from the company.

    I am regretful of storing my credit card info. on their system.

    One case is isolation — but look at the trend and perhaps those not published. Horrific!


  3. RegisterFly and godaddy are fine. registerfly changed over to a registrar this year so this may be why thesupport is a little slower.

    I would be very careful over the troll (justin Kuhlwick I think his name is)

    Anonymous Says:
    March 13th, 2006 at 3:32 pm

    He is a total scumbag


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