What to do about long lectures

I had class last night, which I basically look forward to every week. (For the most part, he’s a good professor.) Anyway, for the first 30 minutes of class, things were fine. Then, one guy came in that tends to ask too many irrelevant questions. He rubbed off on a few people, so they weren’t hindered from doing the same thing. I think in the course of the evening, 30 minutes of the 2 1/2 hours in class was solid material.

Being annoyed, I took my homework out and worked on problems relevant to the course. I was able to get some of it done, so at least I accomplished something in class.

During our break, I heard from the more talkatve people in the class that they love how they can talk about whatever and he’ll answer them. This definitely doesn’t help the classmates that can care less about discussing random stuff, but rather the material from the book. So, do any of you have suggestions how to keep class moving more smoothly? I’m feeling timid to say anything in class, and I’d hate to offend the professor.

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Bryan Villarin

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One thought on “What to do about long lectures”

  1. If you don’t feel like you’re getting as much ‘learning done’ in class, I’d consult the teacher after the class, maybe, to ask to go over a few things, futher reading etc.

    That’s the unfortunate side of school-life, you have to make a desision, sociality or education. I commend you on your pick.


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