Using a Post-it with ATM cards

Using a Post-it with ATM cards

On Sunday, I had a brilliant idea. I was going to CPK on Sunday with Pete and some other friends, and knowing I’d use my ATM card, I decided that I didn’t want to worry the waiter about how much money goes with what card. So, I stuck a Post-it on the card, folded it over, and stuck it in my wallet. When it came time to pay, I just wrote the amount on the Post-it and handed it over.

This’ll definitely come in handy when you’re with a big group of people and you’re not the only one using a card.

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8 thoughts on “Using a Post-it with ATM cards”

  1. @Charlie: Sarcasm? (Hard to tell, actually.) We get our bill in a little folder or whatever they’re called, but we don’t split the check – especially in big groups.

    @PC: Thanks again! (Aside: Pete was there with me when I showed him my idea.)


  2. Ahhhh, I get it, you had everything under one bill, so this makes it easier to split it. I thought you were talking about separate bills and the waiter couldn’t keep the cards separated or something… :p

    And no, that wasn’t sarcasm. Just a little bit of surprise. Definitely unorthodox.


  3. You mean keep the account balance on the Post it™? (Hehe, copy and pasted that.) Nifty idea! (I would take a picture of mine, as an example, but I’d be a laughing stock.) 😛


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