Our first gig!

Our band, Phantom Scream (formerly Marshburn) has a show booked on Thursday, April 27 between 7:30pm and 11pm. Crazy, huh? We’ll be at Smart City Grinds in Azusa, California. Bill’s finalizing it today hopefully, but it sounds like we’re going to do this. Please come and support us if you can! (I’ll update this post when it’s set in stone.)

Update: It’s in stone. (Oh baby.) I believe we’re batting fourth. I’m unsure how long we’re playing for though. If you like Post-Hardcore music, I really think you’ll like us. Tickets are $8. Thanks in advance!

Update 4/10/06: Bill talked to Shannon from Smart City Grinds and was told that we’re only going to get 30 minutes on stage, including setup time. Um, yikes. I added this to Upcoming.org.

Update 4/14/06: Bill got the tickets yesterday. Our name got merged with another band name that night, but we blacked out the offending word. Good news – we’re going to get 30 minutes playing time, in addition to setup. Sweet!

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