Trading CDs at La La

La La looks like a fantastic service that gives back to the artists.

New CD trading service La La lets you put your old CDs up for trade and browse other people’s CD collections. Interested in an album? Pay La La $1 and have the other member ship you the disc – like a distributed Netflix (except you get to keep it).

Actually, imagine if one CD got traded around like 25 times. Each time costs $1 USD, and the artist/band gets 20% of that. They’d get $5 from that one CD being traded 50 times. Crazy!

I don’t know what artists usually get from a CD sale, but 20% sounds pretty cool.

From the “How ‘la la’ Works” page:

  1. List the CDs you have, pick the CDs you want
  2. Ship CDs you have to ‘la la’ members
  3. Gets CDs you want from ‘la la’ members

There’s an estimated 1.4 million CD titles to choose from, and Finch was on there. Nice. 🙂 The issue is whether or not they’ll want to give up awesome CDs, such as that one. Grr. However, I’ll definitely put up all the albums I’ve got, in case they’re wanted. My music tastes have changed quite a bit since high school.

[via Lifehacker]

Update: I’ve finally put all the CDs I have in my la la collection. People need to request CDs from me in order for me to receive any. Sift through and see if I’ve got something you like, ‘kay? Thanks!

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