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It stinks to be a driver in California. I’ve gotten pulled over a few times and have dealt with the legal system. My mom has had worse. Ultimately, it’s very time consuming and stressful. But, it doesn’t have to be!

I haven’t heard of Ticket Assassin until today, when someone I know got flashed by a red light camera. Now, I’m seraching and reading/skimming through as much information as I can to help out. Had I known about this website, maybe I wouldn’t have had to deal with all that garbage in the past.

I really like the site because it looks extremely thorough and honest. Here’s the statements from the website that stand out the most [to me]:

  • The “courtesy notice” the court sends you after you are cited seems to suggest that you must appear in person twice for a single chance of winning at trial: the first time to plead not guilty, the second to stand trial. This is simply not true. The law allows you to contest your traffic infraction entirely by mail.
  • A written not guilty plea takes 5 minutes or less to write and will save you the time and stress of a court appearance.
  • Submitting a Written Not Guilty plea is your legal right (under 40519b), but there is no state approved form for this plea. It seems suspicious that the best and easiest way to contest a traffic ticket is not supported by a state approved pleading form. We at Ticket Assassin have created a Written Not Guilty Plea template since the state has neglected to do so. You can find this form in our shareware section. (requires [$25] registration)
  • There are many advantages to contesting by written declaration. The most obvious advantage: the officer gets paid $200-300 to show up in person at a court trial but gets paid NOTHING to complete this declaration paperwork. In my experience, about 30% of police officers fail to submit a response to the court by the deadline. If the officer does not turn in his declaration on time, your case is DISMISSED and your bail is returned. By simply contesting by written declaration, you stand a decent chance of dismissal regardless of your argument.
  • Why doesn’t the court clearly inform us that we can appear just once in court for two chances of contesting our traffic infractions? Money. Last year the traffic courts in California collected approximately one billion dollars in fines and forfeitures on uncontested traffic tickets. Ignorant of their legal rights, confused and intimidated by the courts and police, 99% of Californians ticketed simply pay up.
  • A friend of mine submitted a written declaration for speeding on the freeway; he was driving 93 in a 65, clearly in violation of the law. On his written declaration he wrote,”I’m not Guilty” with an orange crayon, misspelling “guilty”. The officer who cited him did not respond; my friend received a dismissal notice and his $270 in bail back in the mail. If the officer does not respond, your case is dismissed and all your bail is returned, regardless of the merits of your argument.

Intrigued? You should be! What are you waiting for? Head over to Ticket Assassin and enlighten yourself! (I think I’m going to print a stack of “Why Fight?” flyers to help people. The PDF link is at the top of that page.)


Update July 23, 2008: I’m hearing more bad than good from this website, especially with the possible lack of response from Patrick. Let me clear things up for myself.

  • I’ve only used it once to help fight my mom’s ticket.
  • I’m not affiliated with Ticket Assassin.

If you’re having trouble with the website and haven’t heard a response, complain to the Better Business Bureau. As for me, I will not promote this service until I hear a lot of better feedback.

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  1. @Amanda: That’s the impression I got from the website, too. Perhaps it differs from state to state, but that doesn’t make any sense. (Thanks for the comment!)


  2. How to avoid a Speeding Ticket

    The best advice is not to speed. But it’s going to happen, everyone speeds, the police, the Judges and the prosecutors.

    How do you avoid a ticket? There are times and places where you are more likely to get a ticket. School zones and anytime you see a Community Safety Zone are areas that the police are going to target with speed enforcement. Be aware on long straight stretches of roadway, and as you come over the crest of a hill or going down any hill.

    The police look for good places to catch offenders. They don’t always base the set up of a speed trap on the whether there is a good reason to do enforcement, but more on the fact are they going to get tickets.

    Always pay attention to the posted speed limit. If you don’t see the speed signs the limit in the city is 50 and outside the city its 80.

    If you re driving 10 to 15 km/h over the limit your very unlikely to get a ticket. The police are regular people doing a job. They are going to use common sense and not stop people speeding a little over the limit. Most officers will set a personal limit as to what they feel is acceptable. A lot of officers will use over 15km per hour and some will say 20km/h. The limit the officer makes is totally within his discretion, and an officer could write you a ticket for even one kilometer over the limit, but we have never seen it happen.

    If you see a police car or officer, stay within the speed limit. If you pass a police car even speeding slightly you could be stopped and given a ticket. It’s wise to let police vehicles pass or reduce your speed in the vicinity of a police vehicle.

    Some officers using radar target the passing lane, especially on the 400 series highways in Ontario. Conventional radar targets the largest, fastest object therefore don’t be the lead vehicle.

    Laser radar can pick a vehicle out of a group of cars all the officer has to do is target the vehicle and pull the trigger recording the speed. Again if you’re the first vehicle, your going to be the first vehicle checked for speed. Never be the first vehicle in a line of speeding vehicles. You can read more at


  3. Ticket Assassin isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I signed up after getting a ticket for making an illegal left turn. Despite their claims that they have an “arsenal” of forms for almost every common offense, they did not have a form for this one. If you pay the fee, you allegedly get customer support. I emailed them once and they replied. I replied and I never heard from them again. I emailed again, to see why my customer service request was not answered. No response. I emailed again. And again. And again.

    I lost my challenge to the ticket. I am not blaming Ticket Assassin of course, but I could have used their advice and they let me down. Ultimately, they didn’t do me any good.


  4. @Allison Stone: I’m sorry you weren’t able to challenge your ticket.

    From what I could understand, did you look at “21461(a): Failure to obey official traffic control devices (aka: Violation of sign)”?

    I’m not sure why Patrick Mulroy didn’t reply to your emails. That’s not cool.


  5. Yes, I looked at “21461(a): Failure to obey official traffic control devices (aka: Violation of sign)” Are you in some way affiliated with Ticket Assassin? Just curious. Thanks.


  6. I paid, I got initial advice but no responses after that. As a result too much time passed after my speeding ticket was rendered with a guilty verdict. I blew my chance to even request traffic school – but don’t even know if it was an option after that cause no responded to any of my emails. In retrospect, I should have just gone to traffic school. I guess having a paid subscription gave us a direct email – maybe there was nothing that said he would respond to those emails. And he didn’t. I could have gotten the info for free by just reading the website. Now how likely will I be to send a payment to someone else’s website after this. Hmmmmm.


  7. I paid the Ticket Assassin back in October for access to his website(as well as access to his email address to provide me personalized service). While he did reply to one of my earlier questions, he then ended up never replying when I needed information for preparing my court case. Even after numerous reminders emails, he still refused to answer me. I can’t say that it was his fault that I lost my case; however, it is definitely his fault for the other mistake I made (which made me miss my opportunity to attend traffic court and dismiss the points associated with the conviction). I don’t think the website is actively maintained anymore. Be careful if you choose to pay this guy as you may receive nothing in return other than heartache.


  8. I also paid Ticket Assassin for a red-light camera ticket and lost in Valencia. I solved that problem by not traveling to Valencia anymore and removing by business dollars. They have red-light camera tickets wherever the more affluent sections of town are located.

    Yesterday was at Towsley Canyon with a botanist class. We got back to our vehicles shortly after sundown (it was between 5 and 6pm) and each was ticketed. The only sign posted about sundown is outside the park on a busy road leading in, not a place folks would normally stop to read the entire sign and tie up traffic. MRCA made a lot of money off our group. I since learned another friend had received a similar ticket last month, and when she talked with the officer about it, he doubled the fine.

    Our large group was going to eat out afterwards in a restaurant in Valencia, fairly close to where we were ticketed. Rather than donate any more cash to Santa Clarita County, we took our business into Northridge. Future classes will be moved to a different area, not known yet.


  9. I too paid the Ticket Assassin website and never heard a single word from these guys. Odd thing is that I kept getting reminder emails from the site to donate money to the site even after I sent them money via PayPal. I never got a response back from them even though I also entered the issue into their trouble ticket system. It hasn’t been read- my impression is that the author of the site is no longer maintaining the website and is simply collecting donation money. Furthermore, I think that the member’s-only portion of the site has been taken down. I followed a link in an email to an “activation” page and the page doesn’t come up. If there is a forum in the site, it must be well hidden.
    My advice to anyone visiting the site is to just read the info but don’t pay them a single dime until you win your case should you use their advice. A better way to spend your money is with the National Motorists Association- at least the money will go to a good cause- ending these unfair “taxes”.


  10. The defense he listed for failure to obey official traffic control devices was incorrect via the CVC. Specifically, CVC21461(a) was notated as a defense, but if you look up the code, it includes the points he indicated are NOT included. Either he hasn’t kept up with the codes, or it is just incorrect.


  11. Thanks All!

    I was just about to send this guy some money!

    It would have been a waste obviously.



    1.) MOST information that’s helpful is FREE on the site. You can access it as a non-paying member. But honestly, you can find most of it online via your local DMV or courthouse information already. A google search also brought up the info for me. Basically just look up how to do a TRIAL BY DECLARATION, and if you lose that, then you can request a new trial. You can also search the DMV database to find specifics on the actual law you broke by it’s number. EG: “Basic Speed Law”, etc.

    2.) The promise “Patrick” Bernard Mulroy makes to give you personal advice via email is a total and complete LIE. He WILL NOT respond to ANY email sent to EITHER email address he gives you after you pay and register, NOR will he respond to the unpaid form email you can send directly from the site. I did several tests with all email addresses given (including the “URGENT” email address that he promises to respond back to before 24-48 hours). In the tests I did, I emailed from different email addresses I own, just to see if he would respond to one person and not another for some reason. This went on for several months. HE NEVER REPLIED ONE SINGLE TIME TO ANY EMAILS I SENT TO HIM. NEVER. When you email him as a paid member, you aren’t just emailing to a person. Your email generates a “post” on a help board and it states on there that someone from his website will post a response back. NOTHING comes of this. EVER.

    In my case, I paid the $25 specifically so that I could ask him directly what to do in my own ticket situation. All that I got for the $ was “access” to a couple examples that someone might use in their ticket defense. In my case, none of them applied and all I got a ticket for was breaking the speed law. The examples they had online (I think there were three??) all didn’t apply to me, so I needed to specifically ask him about my scenario. For example, one of the questions I had was about “laser” versus “radar”.

    Because I paid through Paypal, they do NOT, repeat, DO NOT refund your money for services not rendered. Not receiving the service you were promised and paid for does not warrant a refund from Paypal, they simply do not care. Please keep this in mind. You will NOT get your money back.

    TICKET ASSASSIN IS A SCAM. Please do not become yet another victim scammed by this dishonest person. Charging for access to free advice would be fine if that’s what the $25 was for… but to PROMISE to give one on one personal advice and simply refuse to even answer one email after several months is not only appalling, but is FRAUD.

    You have been warned.


  13. It’s true – Ticket Assasin looks like a great way to avoid points. For a mere $25 you can wash away all of your worries and wipe the slate clean. Unfortunately, although Im sure the intent is there, it seems the response time and effectiveness needs to be addressed.

    If you really want to fight a speeding ticket, there is tons of free information online. Further, you can get free consultations from lawyers from many websites. Here’s one website in particular that not only offers free consultation but also provides information on beating all types of speeding tickets. There are others out there as well – always try to get info for free before shelling out!


  14. @ Speeding Ticket Help:

    I’d like to see your birth certificate to see if “Speeding Ticket Help” really is your name. Next time, can you please use your

    I’ll allow this comment for now. If anyone reading this finds out you’re not legit, out you go.


  15. Yep, I was screwed by Patrick as well. For $25, at least I could have enjoyed it! I was “referred” by a couple of friends who used the service and he actually responded to them – but I found out that was over two years ago for both. So now I’m out $25, and I could have just used the stuff he had on there for free.

    I know you said Paypal doesn’t care, but dammit, I’m going to file anyway.

    You suck PATRICK MULROY and furthermore, you give us Irish a BAD NAME! BOO!


  16. @ Bryan Villarin

    Hi Bryan –

    I apologize, I didn’t realize a name was necessary. I was simply researching for a site and came across this article. I always post as Speeding Ticket much the same way that the post above me uses Traffic Ticket Toronto. Thanks for leaving the comment up and delete the url if you think its spammy!

    The point I was trying to make was that internet scammers understand that people are scared of traffic ticket attorneys for two reasons: they are scared of being ‘swindled’ with high costs. Second, they feel that they will not be able to ‘barter’ pricing because they won’t understand the ‘legal jargon’.

    For people who truly need to dispute their ticket – people with too many points already, people with CDL’s, etc – getting a free consultation with a lawyer is honestly your best bet. 50% of all contested speeding ticket cases (with the use of a traffic attorney) are won. Only 5% of speeding tickets are disputed.

    It’s true, hiring a lawyer will cost more than the ticket itself, but in most cases not as much as people think. Further, a free consultation is just that: free. At least you will be informed of the costs and then can make a rational decision whether to hire a lawyer, pay the ticket, or take your chances on ‘quick fix’ sites.



  17. Yeah, after some research, it turns out that TrafficAssassin is at least out of date, but also wrong on some things.

    First off, on the L.A. County web site, they have clear instructions on how to fight a traffic ticket by mail. There is no initial “written notice of not guilty.” You simply submit their Trial by Declaration form (which they DO have) and any relevant supporting information.

    There were instructions for this on my ticket and their web site is clear. I’m going to do it because I can’t afford a $381 ticket for something I can easily support that I did not do. Crazy, these fees.


  18. Hi.
    Well…I sent the $25 dollars too 😦 I sent it out Friday 7-18-08 (money order) and no response. I have sent at least three e-mails for them to respond to me and nothing! I am so upset that I did not read this site before sending out the $25. Does anyone know I got to speeding tickets one is due 8-08 and the other 8-15…should I fight both take my chances (afriad I may lose the right to traffic school if I fight both)or pay one get traffic school and fight the other.


  19. Ana,

    You should call the court to find out whether fighting the ticket would prevent you from going to traffic school. I fought my illegal left turn ticket and lost, and was ordered to go to traffic school. Once I did, my points were erased. The court should be able to tell you what the consequences of fighting the ticket will be.

    If you have time, you might want to consider filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau to get your $25 back. I think you can do it online at I don’t know if they can help but you might want to try.


  20. Don’t wait for him. I waited and missed the deadline. That $25 investment I made is costing me a mint in the increase in autoinsurance over the next few years plus the fine I paid. Buyer beware! Worst investment I ever made. Best of luck to you!


  21. I had the same experience with Mulroy. Sent $25. No link to Shareware Library. No responses to over 6 emails. This guy is a FRAUD.


  22. I have never bothered to post any comment to any website but Ticket Assassin had truly made me so upset that I’m compelled to write this comment. Whoever Patrick Mulroy is, if such person ever exists, “he” must be a great con artist! And I’ve thought that I have a decent instinct, obviously not. I, too, tried to (and paid the $25) get advice and of course it was like “talking to a wall” as many others did. At least I contribute to “fight” Ticket Assassin’s scam by posting this comment so that others who read it be forewarned. The sad thing is, many more people out there would find this post after it was too late, i.e. out of $25 and worse yet, misses the deadline to pay the fine and get into deeper trouble.


  23. I registered 1/7/09 but didn’t get an email allowing me to access the special member’s area. Since I’m desperate to get information, I paid the $25 by PayPal hoping to get access that way. Nothing. I guess it’s bye-bye $25 and hello $249 to


  24. Paul and Sara –
    Go file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I did, and got my money back. $25 isn’t much but if enough people do it, it might be enough to stop their bad business practices.


  25. Thanks for the tips, everyone. I was just about to pay the $25 but after reading these comments, I guess I’ll just google info on how to fight by written declaration. I’m too freaked out and know I’d start rambling and making a fool of myself if I tried to fight it in person. And all I did was wave to a police officer to wish him Merry Christmas (yes, all five fingers were used. I really did mean it. I was in a good mood!) to show my kids to respect police officers. Now they’re the cause of many sleepless nights, and I don’t tell my children to wave when they see a cop anymore when we’re out walking.


  26. I filed a complaint with PalPal and they refunded my $25 today. A few days ago I started getting automatically-generated emails from Ticketassassin asking me to pay him since I had been using the site for free for 30 days (which I had not). His site is obviously running on auto pilot. Maybe something happened to the guy – jail, hospital, ran away to a foreign country?


  27. I used ticket assassin and it worked great. I learned a lot, and got $100 knocked off my ticket. Paid with PayPal and followed the link. I doubt he’ll answer personal stuff, but what I found was informative and helpful.


  28. I used the service once, and did get personal emails from Ticket Assassin. I actually beat my ticket! It worked for me. You need to check with your county to see if you lose the right to traffic school if you opt for the trial by decloration. Keep in mind, in CA if you lose your TBD you can still ask for another trial. It’s your right. At that trial most judges will grant traffice school. The state makes more money when you do. Good luck people


  29. I paid the $25, got a link to the “Shareware”, but no email support yet. I’m running out of time to send my TBD, so I guess I’ll have to go it alone.


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