Why I like downloading CDs

I’m sure most average college students download music – I’m one of them. When prices hover around fifteen bucks per CD, we’d rather use that money to see a band play live. Or, you don’t want the whole CD and $0.99 for one song on iTunes isn’t the best solution. (Those songs use DRM and aren’t the greatest quality.)

Ever since I could drive, I’ve gone to concerts (at least once a year). There’s something about hearing the band play live that just doesn’t match on CD.

Where am I going with all this?

I think being able to download CDs has only helped me appreciate music even more. The radio caters towards the mainstream band, whereas services like Last.fm, Pandora, and PureVolume recommend more unknown music.

Personal example

A friend would recommend a band. (Chico, I’m talkin about you, man!) Since it’s hard to request specific songs from the services mentioned above, I resort to downloading a torrent for it.

I’ll listen to it more than a few times, because sometimes an album has to grow on you.

If I still have it on my iPod after a month, I’ll put it in queue for purchase in the near future.

With commerce sites like Half.com, eBay, and Amazon.com, you really don’t need to buy CDs through B&M stores, especially with the overhead costs. (Speaking of which, I should make a wish list at Half.com.)

I’m sure someone’s gonna call me out on this, but whatever. Before, I’d download without another thought to buying the album legitimately. That’s not the case for me anymore.

How do you feel about all this? What have your experiences been?

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8 thoughts on “Why I like downloading CDs”

  1. I think the recording industry is just upset that they can’t dupe us with mass-marketed, one-hit-wonder radio singles and then sell it to us with ten or so other songs that are crap.


  2. other than bit torrents do u know where one can find concerts for the downloading?? i know some yahoogroups offer shows or songs for downloading by linking to yousendit.com sites for a week but i am only on one such group and i want many other concerts than that one artists. if u can.. anyone reading this please.. email me at darthkardzz at aol dot com and help me to find sites where i can download rare unreleased concerts. oh i know about archive.org.. yeah right.. 3000 bands and maybe 12 that i have heard of. haha. besides i got all the cipollina and derek trucks shows they have there.. ha. i can get stones shows.. not a problem i can get rory gallagher shows.. again no problem and i can get clapton shows no problem. i want more bands tho.. help me please??? thank u


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