My PCWorks dies after five years

Today, the left speaker of my Cambridge Soundworks PCWorks died. I don’t have any records of how long I’ve had them officially, but I know it’s been more than five years. I called tech support to see if they sell parts, but they don’t do that. (It was worth a shot.)

Rest in peace, PCWorks

Basically, I’ll have to throw away a perfectly good subwoofer and one speaker because the other speaker died. I’m wondering if I could take it apart and fix the loose wire or something. I wouldn’t know how to go about doing that, though.

Any last thoughts or ideas before I purchase some new speakers? If not, I’ll probably buy a new set of speakers at PC Club tomorrow.

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Bryan Villarin

Bryan works at Automattic. He's also a cat whisperer. Sometimes…a photographer, and card magician.

3 thoughts on “My PCWorks dies after five years”

  1. Bryan take the four screws out of the back of speaker and fiddle, you just never know. I have the same cambridge works as you and for about the same time too. I have been very happy with it, just hope non of my speakers go the same way. By the way have you looked on ebay? you might just find one there.


  2. @joss: I have no screwdrivers that are thin enough to fit those, plus it’s hard to see what type of head they use. eBay, just shows full sets of speakers. It’s been a good run, though. Thank for the suggestions!


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